Changing the way America buys HVAC. If you are looking at our site you no doubt recently got a quote for hvac equipment for $6,000 to $20,000. You are now wondering when you compare the products on our site to what you were quoted if we are a real company. You see the same or similar equipment for $1,500 to $3000 that you were quoted. We frequently get asked if our equipment is used… the answer.. never, most comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty once registered. And this is where our mission begins:

  1. Educating our customers on how to save money on their fourth largest purchase for their home. In the age of the internet we want to be at the forefront with videos, technical expertise, and literature to help you make a wise and economical purchase. But we know that the majority of America has no idea that we even exist. We need your help also to tell people you know how to save thousands on your hvac purchase.
    • We will never upsell our customers and we will educate you and have programs to show you what more efficiency will mean to your wallet. Most of the time we are going to be down selling you on what a local contractor told you to purchase. You don’t need a 98% furnace in Florida and you don’t need a 19 SEER ac unit in Michigan!
    • None of us are on commission and will never be.
    • We believe we have the best technical resources with several engineers and technicians on staff here to help you. We provide products for the most complex pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities so your home is absolutely no problem for our technicians and on staff engineers.
  2. We purchase millions of dollars of HVAC products annually and we sell at the lowest prices we are allowed to publish. Unlike a small installer we don’t have to mark up your equipment x2 or x3 plus some outrageous labor markup. Our markups are low since we sell more systems in a day than most installers sell in a month. Our mission is to give you the best products at the lowest possible price.
  3. Helping People: While serving in the HVAC industry for 17 years I have never had the opportunity to help the amount of people ever as with our website www.hvacdirect.com Most every customer we sell to saves thousands of dollars, and we know that these purchases are mostly unplanned. We don’t want people going into deep debt for a purchase that costs less than most of their indoor kitchen appliances but they are being quoted more than the price of a car! We are here to help you and if there are others that you know in need please let me know because we are also here to give back. Do you know of a non profit agency that needs hvac equipment? If so let us give it to them at or below our cost.
  4. Help us spread the word We are not the greatest marketers, but we know there are over 126 million homes in America that we can help each of them save well over $1500 to $5000 per purchase… some customers we have saved over $10,000 from their quoted price. We have a lot of work to do and we depend on you to tell others about your experience with us.


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